As your Marriage Celebrant, I am obliged to supply you with information on how to access Marriage Education as well as providing the Government pamphlet "Happily Ever Before and After.ÔÇØ
Additional Marriage Education Links:     
Family Relationship Advice Line
Get Ready for Marriage                          
Relationships Australia                           
Foccus Australia                                         
Relationships Australia                           
Anglicare NSW                                         
Phone:  1800 050 321                    
Useful Links  -  Government Services:
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages NSW                         
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages QLD                         
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages VIC                             
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages WA                             
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages SA                              
Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages TAS                         
ACT Register-General's Office                                                      
NT Office of Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Australian Government /Attorney-Generals Dept:              
Location of Australian Embassies:                                                  
Translation Services:                                                           
The latest copy of the Marriage Act 1961:                                                                                                                                      
Listing of Australian Embassies/Consulates overseas: