Naming Ceremonies

A name-giving ceremony is a wonderful and joyous occasion; one where families gather to officially welcome their child into a loving circle of family and friends. 
By holding a naming ceremony, you are expressing that your child is a very important member of your family and gives those present the opportunity to personally express their hopes, dreams and joys for the future life of that special child.
Along with participating in a meaningful ceremony celebrating the child's arrival, the ceremony is not only an integral part of welcoming them into the family and society, but also acknowledges the unique and loving process undertaken in choosing that name.  When families share in the naming ceremony, they become more aware of their special responsibilities and so the family relationships deepen.
This is your special ceremony for your child and together we will create a heartfelt and inspirational ceremony; one that will reflect important family values such as love, trust, compassion and integrity. As a guide the ceremony can include, but is not restricted to the following: 
  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Acknowledgement of special people in the child's life (such as Grandparents)
  • Recognition and inclusion of siblings in the ceremony
  • Promises by Parents
  • Godparents' introduction, expectations and promises they would like to make to your child
  • Special Rituals - Lighting of Naming Candle, Time Capsule, Tree Planting, Wish Cards, Magic Bubbles, Scattering of Rose Petals or Gum leaves, etc
  • Naming your child
  • Poems, Readings and/or music
  • Presentation of Certificates
  • Final good wish or blessing for your child by the Celebrant
  • Presentation of your child for kisses and cuddles!
  • Bound, keepsake copy of Naming Ceremony, together with an individually designed Naming Certificate, Certificate of Appreciation for Godparents  and a copy of  all documentation relating to your little one's special day. 

Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information